A proven top-seller, The Bookmark Card has been featured everywhere from specialty gift
shops to book stores, antique stores to campgrounds.

Printed on recycled linen paper with earth-friendly inks, each beautifully
designed "collage art card
" comes packaged with a recycled Kraft envelope.
Both pieces are sleeved in a re-sealable crystal clear bag.

Because the cards will be used over and over again (think of the millions of
cards normally disposed of each year!), and because we use recycled materials,
you and your customers will be helping to preserve our environment...
and to preserve the memories and books of people the world over!
TheBookmarkCard.com, LLC is proud to present uniquely designed collage art greeting
cards and limited edition prints for two very good reasons:  the exceptional quality
product we offer, and our efforts to preserve the environment.

     TheBookmarkCard.com, LLC